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About Us

about img1 About Us
Dr. Owen Lavers BSc, BVSc (Veterinary Surgeons Board Registration Number 1144)
Owen is the Principal Veterinarian and practice owner. He has a Science Degree in Zoology and Philosophy and a Veterinary Degree in Veterinary Surgery and Veterinary Medicine. Owen grew up in Toowoomba in south east Queensland but spent some memorable holiday time in Cairns in the 1960’s with his uncle Don, who was the first university qualified vet to practice in Cairns. Owen and his wife, Rosemarie, moved to Cairns in 1981 to establish the Earlville Veterinary Surgery. Prior to that, Owen worked in private practice in Brisbane, as a research assistant and tutor at the University of Queensland, and in mixed practice in Warwick. Owen has kept his professional skills and qualifications up to date by attending many post graduate training courses and conferences, and has built up a close network of helpful and supportive contacts who are specialists in all fields of veterinary practice.
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Rosemarie Lavers BSocWk
Rosie is  our practice manager. This is one of the toughest jobs working to keep everything ticking over smoothly and making sure we are all working together towards the same goals
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Dr. Taffy Williams BVSc MVS (Veterinary Surgeons Board Registration Number 3016)
Taffy graduated from the University of Queensland in 1970 then moved to Katherine, NT before studying for a Masters in Pathology at the University of Melbourne. Taffy returned to the NT, but this time as veterinary pathologist in Alice Springs and later became Regional Veterinary Officer at the Arid Zone Research Institute. It was there that Taffy was mainly involved with cattle, horses and camels, but also dog health programs on communities.Taffy moved to Cairns in the late 1990s for a lifestyle change and took the opportunity for a career change as the Solomon’s Carpet franchise owner (and even installed the vinyl on the floor of this clinic). Taffy returned to private veterinary practice in Cairns for 6 years before being contracted for 2 years to Qatar, in the Middle East, to develop a privately owned camel health facility.On returning to Australia he jumped at the opportunity to join Owen and Rosie at Earlville Vets.
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Dr. Sarah Gill BVSc (Hons), BSc (Vet) (Hons) (Veterinary Surgeons Board Registration Number 4839)
Sarah grew up in Canberra and has always loved animals so she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian from the age of 5 years old. As a child Sarah had a menagerie of pets including mice, rats, fish, crayfish, guinea pigs, rabbits, budgies, finches, chickens, cats and dogs. Sarah graduated from Sydney University in 2000 and started her career working for a bird specialist in Sydney and has always been interested in pets with feathers, fins or scales, as well as the furry varieties of course. Sarah then went to the United Kingdom and worked in a few different veterinary practices for 12 months, also taking the opportunity to travel around Europe visiting friends and relatives. On her return to Australia she and her partner spent 4 years in Adelaide where Sarah worked in a large busy practice, learning a lot about emergency veterinary medicine. Sarah then spent a few months working at Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria, treating a wide variety of native animals and fulfilling her passion to develop her knowledge of Australia's amazing wildlife. She completed a Masters of Veterinary Conservation Medicine shortly after this placement. Sarah started working for Owen and Rosie at Earlville Vets in 2009 and has enjoyed learning about veterinary medicine in the tropics and developing her surgical skills under Owen's tutelage. In 2012 Sarah took 6 months off after the birth of her beautiful baby girl Freya and now enjoys being a mum and working part-time at the veterinary surgery..




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Clare Zagata
Clare came to work for us as a locum veterinary nurse on a working holiday from the UK in 1996. Clare fell in love with Australia and we wanted her to stay. Sponsored migration, residency and naturalization followed, not to mention, marriage, home ownership and motherhood; and Clare has been our senior nurse/nurse supervisor since.
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Janina Pitman
Janina is our nurses’ assistant. Janina looks after our equipment and helps everyone get on with their tasks. We all thank Janina for keeping our instruments in order and cleaning up the mess. Janina is also very skilled with the clippers and scissors and does most of our professional grooming of dogs.
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Kerry Allman
Kerry started with us in early 2009 as qualified and experienced Veterinary Nurse, after having a break from the profession for a while. She has fitted into the team very well and brings a wealth of experience as a Veterinary Nurse and animal groomer.





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